I'm Oanh. From Vietnam. In love with Pretty Little Liars, Friends, Harry Potter, Doctor Who, SNSD, Suits, and classic Disney and Ghibli movies.
Currently obsessed with Joseon Gunman, Marriage Not Dating and Fated to Love You..
I do not own anything in my blog because I only reblog from others.
Welcome and hope enjoy your time visiting my blog^^.
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If I tell you to break up with that man and come to me, will you come?

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Let’s go to a hotel.

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Do you like Sol, by any chance?

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Why don’t dogs get to see the world too?

This dog is literally smiling.

Oh my god

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Happy 45th Birthday, Matthew Langford Perry.

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Some girl ate Monica! Shut up, the camera adds ten pounds.

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jealous seohyun

It`s going to get wrinkled if you wear it anyways. What`s the point of ironing it?

Then why do you eat if you`re going to poo anyway? Why do you live when you`re going to die?

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Eric’s deadly stares in Discovery of Romance Preview 

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"What’s your password?"
    “1 2 3 4”

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"Let’s go to a hotel!"

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"Don’t ask me and just do it". 

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"It’s all over now".

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“You never appear in my dreams. That’s how you are. I prayed and prayed that you’d appear in my dream because I missed you so much. But you didn’t appear”.

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It’s not a dream, because you’re a woman who will never appear in my dreams. You’re that kind of woman. Even though I beg and beg again for you to appear in my dreams just once because I miss you, you still won’t appear.

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