I'm Oanh. From Vietnam. In love with Pretty Little Liars, Friends, Harry Potter, Doctor Who, SNSD, Suits, and classic Disney and Ghibli movies.
Currently obsessed with Three Muskerteer and My Secret Hotel.
I do not own anything in my blog because I only reblog from others.
Welcome and hope enjoy your time visiting my blog^^.
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What’s wrong with scared? Scared is a superpower.

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About “Only U” lyrics

"Seohyun wrote these lyrics while on a trip to the Swiss Alps with her parents. That’s really impressive. The competition was intense. There were about 30-40 lyric entries for this song, and after a harsh judging process, Seohyun’s was picked."-Tiffany

"It came easily as I was working where I could see the snowy landscape before me. I wrote it in one day."-Seohyun

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It feels like a time where we realize that there has to be nine.

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Chandler and Monica?! Oh, this is unbelievable! How long have you known?

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snsd || smtown week requested by exoism-in-kpop

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ddilfany over the years

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9 year olds now worry about iphones and makeup when i was 9 i was worried about if miley was gonna pick jake or jessie on hannah montana

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I have no idea whether I am completely sane. I don’t think anybody is. I see the world through my eyes. It’s sometimes a strange world. I hope I don’t hurt people. You hope not to hurt yourself too much, either. Maybe that’s the definition of keeping yourself in check.

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Heechul wanted to try touching the snake and the snake wanted to try touching Heechul

my anaconda don’t…
my anaconda don’t…

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