I'm Oanh. From Vietnam. In love with Pretty Little Liars, Friends, Harry Potter, Doctor Who, SNSD, Suits, and classic Disney and Ghibli movies.
Currently obsessed with Three Muskerteer and My Secret Hotel.
I do not own anything in my blog because I only reblog from others.
Welcome and hope enjoy your time visiting my blog^^.
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— Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (page 176) or as I like to call it: A summary of all seven Harry Potter books summed up in one sentence.  (via scribbledwriting)

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how to unsuccessfully woo women by kang minguk x

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"Beating up a kind man is violence, but beating up a bad guy.. that’s justice.”

"Now, as I look at my family’s faces, I wonder if I’ll see them again. When you become a police officer, sometimes there are criminals like this, that you will risk your life to capture, because he’s not the usual bastard out there. Right now, I see in my mind my son and my wife’s faces. I know I might not see them again… If we die, who will protect our families? Who will protect them?"

Do you know why mad dogs like us are scary? …Because you’re dead once you get bitten. To beat up good people, that’s violence. But to beat up scoundrels, that’s justice. 

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"They’re here. The Three Musketeers. Please find them. They’re the only one who will help me.”

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"Let me say goodbye before you set off. I was way too sad when you died and I didn’t get to say goodbye."

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"I know. What did I do for 26 years?"

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"A road opens as you travel along. A road that doesn’t open isn’t a road. Roads are open to everyone. But not everyone can have the roads."

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He said “our kid…”

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"Their faces, clothing and directions… were all opposite of mine. I’d never mixed with students or company employees. I wanted to be one of them so desperately that I couldn’t see the ugly truth. I was still going the different direction. I’m alone here too. Only I didn’t know that truth… when everyone else did".

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"Sweat, tears and frustration… How much more should I shed?"

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